Document Scanning Services and Document Management System

Established in Singapore since 1996

We are the Pre-Approved Vendor for SME under IMDA.

Convert your paper documents, books & drawings into high resolution & text searchable files to save space and get organized! We specialize in document management, documents scanning, Form Processing, large format scanning,photos scanning , book scanning , slides scanning, negatives scanning, Book marking and hard copy conversion to different formats ie MS Word & Excel.

Protect Important Documents

Free up Valuable Office Space
Preserve deteriorating documents
Protect critical files from disaster
Provide easy access for retrieval
Keep your files organized

We are Accredited Integrated Solution Provider for PSG to provide comprehensive one-stop IT services to our customers. You can qualify for the PSG (Productivity Solution Grant) to implement our Infinity Document Management System for your company. We schedule collection/service within next working day and delivery on-time with quality scanning/service. We guarantee security and quality service. We can customized to your requirements and develop a perfect cost effective solution for you. We provide FREE consultation for your Company’s needs, or upgrade your present systems.

We offer special pricing for bulk document scanning, large format drawings and book scanning from hardcopy to digital formats.  We also specialize in converting image texts to editable MS Word document, MS Excel and PDF formats using the latest OCR technology.  Our latest document scanning solutions allow you to scan paper documents into Word, Excel, Access, PDF Searchable, CSV or any other format with very high accuracy. Save time ,effort and cost doing yourself. Outsource your document scanning and conversion needs to us. Start converting your paper documents, books, forms, and manuals to electronic formats and digitize your documents today!

Start Digitizing your documents today.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Document Scanning Needs

As a business owner, you know that the key to success in your business is excellent record-keeping. Relying on paper-based resources to store your personal and sensitive information about your employees, clients, and business could resort to unnecessary clutter, poor customer services, reduced productivity, and most of all, security threats. Converting your paper-based business to an electronic file-keeping based business  using  ISOMATIC   can significantly improve your business.

How Document Scanning Can Help Your Business

  • Improve security measures and compliance standards with data protection, privacy, and retention laws
  • Allows for quick and easy access to all documents via an online document management system
  • Reduce storage space and eliminate paper clutter
  • Increase personal and employee efficiency
  • Provide a full document audit trail

Why Choose ISOMATIC for Your Business?

ISOMATIC provides a full-service document scanning and management company. Our completely customizable document management services allow our customers to gain their space back, reduce their costs, and increase productivity. We offer:

  • Competitive pricing
  • A knowledgeable team that provides the best document scanning services
  • Quick, professional, and secure product installation
  • Quality document management solutions

Our Document Scaninng Process

At ISOMATIC we are dedicated to protecting your security, and it is our number one priority. From start to finish we ensure the highest level of protection for all stages of the scanning and indexing process. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 65-66935868.

Document Scanning

We are experts when it comes to converting thousands of documents into convenient & easy to find electronic files. Our process begins when we pick up the documents you would like transferred into electronic files. Our document scanning services are priced per document page. We will be glad to discuss your exact needs and provide you a custom estimate.

Our secure, collection and  delivery van will take your documents to our scanning center, where the preparation of document scanning takes place. Each document is run through our high-speed scanner, & the quality of the scan is checked throughout the entire process by our quality control specialist.

Your scanned documents are then run through the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system, & the text of the documents are made searchable. Each document is then saved as a PDF file in a predetermined directory. (Our OCR scanning services are included as part of every package!)

Document Scanning Preparation

We will prepare your documents by going over their quality control procedures to ensure your documents are of the highest quality. There is no need for you to worry about removing paper clips, staples, or sticky notes. We will take care of all of that for you.

High-Speed Document Scanning

We use state-of-the-art scanning machines work at a pace that gets the job done efficiently while also ensuring the quality of your documents is not lost in the process. Our quality control specialist will guarantee quality service in a time frame that works for your schedule.

Secure Document Scanning

At  ISOMATIC  your security is our main concern. Our employees provide the highest level of protection from start to finish of the scanning process.

Our first step in the ISOMATIC document management process is to provide secure transportation of your documents to and from one of our facilities. Our scanning facilities are equipped with alarms, cameras, and CCTV.

Once the scanning job has been completed, we ensure your confidential documents and information are properly destroyed. We are able to securely destroy your original paper copies through our shredding division. Through the shredding process, we ensure the chain of custody is complete and your information will never end up in the wrong hands!

Ensuring your security and confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. Contact us today at

Tel: 65-66935868  to learn more information on our comprehensive and integrated scanning process.

Document Management System & Software

It can be a challenge for businesses and individuals to keep up with all the paperwork and electronic files that come in constantly throughout the workday. Before you know it, you have a pile of paperwork and no simple solution to find the documents you need, not to mention the space endless documents can take up. ISOMATIC  offers a comprehensive solution for all your document management needs.

Through using our world-class document management system, we are able to provide customized access for employees allowing them to gain access to only the files they need, develop an automated workflow, tailor document version control, and provide a management system with full audit history and reporting to ensure compliance.